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The following is a list of some of the tools I've used to do my research. This is not a full list, and is constantly being obliterated by the pace of technological development. However, the best thing to do is use old tools, develop a unique process that can last the test of time, or work closely with a developer or designer to create new tools for gaining insight into a rapidly changing world.

That said, there are some tools that will never change. The traditional anthropological methods and processes still apply, no matter the environment. At the core of it all, people are still people, no matter the technological assemblages they may develop, wear and carry. Those only amplify aspects of the human, not mask them. The most successful ones allow people to be more human than ever before.


Defunct Webpage Retrieval

Audio and Video Recording

Image Capture and Archiving

Workflow Reduction

FileSharing and Collaboration

Gmail Hacks

Project Management


Notification Systems

Writing Tools

Market Research and Social Survey Tools

Survey Monkey Formspring Amazon Turk Facebook Twitter Yahoo! Answers

Publishing Tools

Communication Tools

Communication Protocols

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