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divide between classes is distinguished through etiquette

physical or social survival

group behavior/contextually acceptable

what causes these shifts?

  • trying to be preemptive
  • prioritizing meatspace over ethers
  • what about when these are difficult to distinguish between?

What about when social groups are about what you've done to yourself rather than background

How do you deal with new info from your surroundings in relation to your newsfeed

  • showing your sources to local people
  • be open minded and share!

Balancing geographically local people with friends who are Local to you (in that you talk to them regularly, share info, etc)

Twitter streams as gossip

"More is Different"

Hardwired for 40-80 people you know well - Dunbar - get around this by focusing on the group rather than on the individual so you don't have to know specifics

Social contracts - rigid, breaking down in present and Future

Reminders as tags on profiles

Recognition better than total recall

Affinity groups are larger, and there is also more overlap between groups

Patterned relationships being replaced by ad hoc

Thought trolling would go away

Why don't we shun trolls more often?

Modding trolls into oblivion

  • shunning them, so they're not around

What about switching identity?

  • advantageous to have a long standing identity
  • kudos

Ability to quiet people by ignoring them

  • establish norms by ignoring people who don't follow (big kid table)
  • more exclusive means more strange etiquette

Established log of evolution of rules, with research can follow

Exclusivity either self-destructs or makes it more sought after

Us and Them is how you bond

Blurry social guidelines, moving between groups - more difficult because so many variations; easier because of cross contamination

  • open to other ideas means less likely to fight
  • self-feeding groups, supportive

Tech can make our exclusive groups interconnect or can cause more exclusivity

Groups based on ideaology rather than socioeconcomic class

  • screening out local in favor of Local breaks up community

Universal Thread for Etiquette?

  • always have a set of rules
  • group preservation

Global self-identification is very new

Nationalism, imagined community, lost in translation

Euro keeping Europe from war (maybe not guerrilla warefare...) - what about further consolodation?

Instead of huge blow ups, just constant low hum of violence

One huge power means no checks on them

What about global community with all these nukes?

Media war/propaganda

Come together for social need, after that need is met, doors close. If need if for more minds, group stays open

We have a biased view because we live in a very open place

Closed groups keep it closed, based on what you 'don't' like; self-preseveration against infiltration which would destroy the gorup - use the same tools as open group

Everyone thinks other people as being closed minded

Godwin's Law