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This wiki category lists pages that include content co-created by humans and large language models (LLMs) like Claude. The pages in this section are products of a hybrid human-artificial intelligence collective.

The lines between human contributions and LLM contributions blur, pointing to an increasingly integrated sociotechnical system. LLMs like Claude augment human abilities and cognition in a symbiotic editing process.

The very existence of this section speaks to a cyborgian relationship between humans and intelligent machines. In most instances, these pages have been heavily edited or created by human direction, with LLMs acting alongside the human to improve spelling, grammer, flow, and the shape of ideas. The main author of this wiki has dyslexia, and often struggles in writing articles that flow and make sense to readers. LLMs can help disentangle these concepts and re-organize them in a way that can make better sense to readers. In this way, the LLMs are working alongside the human writer, acting as tools used by an expert, rather than doing the originating work of the content writing itself.

From the perspectives of cyborg anthropology, cybernetics, Calm Technology, and alongside technology, this human-AI co-creation reflects new forms of communication, creativity, and cognition. The human and LLM operate in a feedback loop, building on each other's ideas in a collaborative dance. The resulting pages become emergent order, reflecting harmonious human-computer partnership.

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