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Book Progress (finished pages) 58%
Pages in Category: Book Pages 302
Pages in Category: Finished 171
Pages in Category: Unfinished 81
Pages in Category: Marked for Editing 45

Which categories to use on which page?

All articles to be included in the Dictionary of Cyborg Anthropology are marked Category: Book Pages.

When editing, mark pages that have been sufficiently developed and organized as Category: Marked for Editing. Mark unstarted pages as Stubs. Mark pages that have some content that is not fully organized or developed as Category: Unfinished. Mark pages that have been edited as Category: Finished and remove the Category: Unfinished and/or Category: Marked for Editing categories. You can see the categories in each section below.

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Book Deadline

Book should be finished and a draft should be sent to by Nov. 15.