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"Although mobile phones gave teens the privacy that they desired, most also needed to learn budget management since mobile calls were expensive. As a means of reducing costs, teens turned to texting, overlooking its awkwardness and turning it into a fashion. As texting gained in popularity, more teens started managing and organizing their daily activities via SMS (Oksman & Turtiainen, 2004) and even establishing romantic relationships".[1]

Adoption of Mobile Technology Lag in US

Cell phone technology was introduced in the early years following AT&T’s divestiture, so competing wireless companies developed incompatible standards that hindered interoperability, making roaming difficult".[2] Since then, roaming has progressed to the point where streaming data to a handset is more universally available. But competing companies meant that standards were deliberately contradictory to each other Whether people were using Business Phones or personal handsets, this was a significant hindrance. However, this has now been relaxed somewhat in recent years.


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