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A shifting, often global citizen who, because of ties to technology and understanding to technological systems, does not need to reside permanently in one or more places for any length of time. Often highly socially connected, these global technomads are free to shift throughout the world, meeting people at conferences, picking up or putting down various amounts of remote or temporarily geographically connected contract work, and are not in any way tied to the geographically from whence they came. Some may live temporarily in areas that have a favorable exchange rate of the currency they're currently getting paid in, or work on temporary business or travel visas for 3 months to a year at a time. The increasing number of global events and conferences that their community is attached to increases their ability to always know a number of people in any given country to city they travel to. Through a combination of couches, houses and other shared or rented spaces or trades, they are able to have a temporary home almost anywhere they desire, all while making a living from their work online.

Many of these tech nomads can be seen at the annual World Domination Summit[1] in Portland, Oregon and other conferences.


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