Scrying Pool

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The scrying pool is a device out of the world of magic. It typically used by witches or warlocks to summon images of people, places, or events that happened in the past, or are happening very far away. The scrying pool is a shallow liquid area, and usually portrayed as dark and mysterious, with a smooth, glassy surface. Once an image is summoned, the scrying pool turns alive with bright colors and vibrant images as the scene plays on the surface. It can also be used as a communication device between two or more parties.

A scrying pool is time/space compressor, a shape-shifter and connector whose shape tells nothing about its capabilities or function. It is the inner interface which informs the user, instead of the outer container. But there is something else at play here – the idea of science fiction or fantasy that is written into the narrative of our culture is becoming true. We carry the capability of wizards in our pockets, and some of us are very skilled at creating code, or spells, that make things happen in the digital and analog world.

Many comparisons can be made between the iPhone and the scrying pool. Both are dark and liquid, and both come to life when summoned. On the iPhone, YouTube can connect the user to many moments and scenes that are very far away. The phone can be used to communicate, too.