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If you would like to submit a proposal by email, please check with the appropriate editor before doing so, as different editors have different submission requirements and review schedules. Your initial inquiry, which may be sent by post or email, should simply describe the project, the author(s)/editor(s), the field(s) of discourse to which it belongs, and the reasons for writing/preparing the book--in a few paragraphs. Do not send actual manuscripts, sample chapters, or attachments with images to editors unless you are specifically invited to do so.

Please select only one editor with whom to confer about your proposal; if your project would be better served by another editor, your first contact will refer you to the appropriate individual.

  • Science, Technology & Society; Information Science: Marguerite Avery, Senior Acquisitions Editor (253-1653)
  • Cognitive Science, Philosophy; Science, Technology & Society; Information Science: Johna Picco, Acquisitions Assistant (253-0974)

Also consider:

  • Computer Science, Linguistics, Semiotext(e): Marc Lowenthal, Assistant Acquisitions Editor (258-0579)
  • New Media, Game Studies, Design: Katie Helke, Assistant Acquisitions Editor (253-8389)
  • Art, Architecture, Visual & Cultural Studies: Roger Conover, Executive Editor (253-1677)