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Since speech that was normally only accessible to the auditory, proximal world of the analog social network has now become digitized, opinions can now be indexed in real-time, without the need to travel to different times and spaces in order to glean that information. Statistical samples can easily be accessed by listening into a market channel for clues about how a product is performing.

Markets can be altered by co-creating objects through dynamic feedback loops that get smaller with each advance in communication architecture. Twitter’s communication architecture is one of the leanest systems for information exchange. On it, consumers can talk directly to producers, and the temperature of a demographic towards a certain product can easily be taken by performing a Twitter search on a subject area or brand name.

Community needs that have not been responded to can easily be found and tailored to. A/B testing on websites like allowed the site to evolve as an micrological extension of decisions made by its visitors. A/B testing, and later community involvement through Twitter allowed the website to gradually develop side-by-side with its customers, slowly carving out a solid niche in the distribution sector.

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