How is cyborg anthropology different from digital anthropology

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d_rr_ll: What is a cyborg anthropologist? #ff RT @anthinpractice: @caseorganic @daniel_lende How is that diff from a digital anthropologist?

BCof its slightly wider human and non-human interaction it can't be subof digi anthro.

daniel_lende: @anthinpractice @caseorganic How is that diff from digital anthropologist? Great question! I think cause digital stuff mediated by people

anthinpractice: @caseorganic @violetmae these sorts of clarifications have been very useful. Didn't know abt the other references. Useful to know other apps

anthinpractice: @caseorganic @violetmae I've mostly encountered cyborg anth in relation to discussions abt bodies and embodiment. (1/2)

violetmae: @anthinpractice @caseorganic some would even argue that cyborg is a niche within digital anthro within cultural anthro

caseorganic: @anthinpractice @violetmae Cyborg anthro's been applied to modern human reproduction, culture of physics, info and the human genome project.

caseorganic: @anthinpractice @violetmae @pdxanthro was an anthropologist on the human genome project. Also see Latour's actor network theory.

caseorganic: @anthinpractice @violetmae I'm not sure if it would be a subsection of digi anthro, as cyborg involves prosthetics, not just digital ones.

caseorganic: @anthinpractice @violetmae There has been talk of an object-oriented anthropology of tech since the Macy Meetings in the 40's.

caseorganic: @anthinpractice @violetmae Interesting. It's a subsection of the anthro of science, tech + computing in STS