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This site is a wiki!

This website is a wiki. It's a little different from HTML or plain text editing. Why is this site a wiki instead of a blog? See Blogs Vs. Wikis. Finally, if you're new to Wiki markup, look at Formatting Help first. Like how this works? Want to create your own Wiki? See Hosting Your Own Wiki.


Help Topics

These help pages will help you with code and formatting of your entries on this site.


To include an image in a page, use the following code:

[[File:Image-Title.jpg|200px|thumb|left|Image Title]]

You can preview or save the page and click on the image. It will take you to a page where you can upload the file. Be sure to list image attributions and copyrights, where applicable.

Linking to Article with a Different Name

[[Media Lab at MIT|Media Lab]]

Source with a Different Title

[ Site Name]

Image Attribution and Photo Credits

Use the following format when giving an image credit:

Image Credits

This photo was taken by Christopher Carfi on May 14, 2007 using a Camera 5MP-9Q3.

This photo is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic. You are free:

  • to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work
  • to Remix — to adapt the work

Under the following conditions: Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).

Special Pages

Number of Articles

Edit Sidebar

Using Columns






YouTube Videos


<youtube size="medium" align="left" wrap="yes">G-M7ECt3-zY</youtube>

<youtube size="large">G-M7ECt3-zY</youtube>

Embed Raw HTML Code

<raw>Code goes here. Ex: <object> tag</raw>


<seo title="New Page Title" />

will result in a title tag of:

<title>New Page Title - Your Wiki Name</title>

Include a page description by putting text inside the <seo> tag:

<seo>Meta description tag</seo>

Keywords are added using the "keywords" attribute:

<seo keywords="one,two,three,etc" />

Any combination of the above attributes and content is valid, i.e.

<seo title="Page Title">Meta description</seo>

People Pages

To write a page about a person, use the following markup:




====Subproject (if applicable====

===Further Reading===

===External Links===



Using Categories

To put a page into a category, place a tag like the following anywhere on the page. (At the bottom is usually best for organizational purposes)


To link to a category page, write a tag like this:

[[:Category:Books|Reading List]]

Cite a book:

([[The Cyborg Handbook|Gray]], 14)

Current Categories

Current Categories for Reading List: Put at end of every book page (formatting and duplicates / category groupings make it easier for copy and paste):


[[Category: XXXXXXXXXX]]

[[Category: XXXXXXXXXX]]

[[Category: XXXXXXXXXX]]

[[Category: XXXXXXXXXX]]


[[Category:Traditional Anthropology]] 
[[Category:Cultural Studies]]




[[Category:Visual Anthropology]]

[[Category:Mobile Computing]]
[[Category:Communication Studies]]
[[Category:Time and Space]]

[[Category:Digital Anthropology]]

[[Category: XXXXXXXXXX]]

[[Category:Critical Studies]]

All possible categories: 
[[Category:Interface Design]]
[[Category:Information Architecture]]

[[Category:Anthropology of Science]]

[[Category:Computing History]]
[[Category:Cyborg Studies]]

[[Category:Postmodern Theory]]

[[Category:Urban Studies]]
[[Category:Information Society]]

[[Category:Science Fiction]] 
[[Category:Future Culture]]