Future of Advertising

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  • AI will make for easier purchasing decisions, not by mechanizing recommendation systems by personal behavior, but by increasing communication of information between people. AI will automate the analytics needed to show which friends have matching profiles and interests, and will return a human-facing set of results that can be curated by the viewer.
  • language changes to become branded words. like Canterbury tales with access, tribes no longer geographically based, but socially based.
  • locked into increasingly detailed consumer purchasing decisions, more likely to buy the brand they their friends have because they are more likely to get help when things go wrong, interfaces fail, learning from prior uses and successes.
  • Good interfaces connect consumers to what their friends like, or cut through the complexity of purchasing decisions
  • It will no longer whether or not purchase, but what to purchase and when to purchase it. Decision timelines for single products will stretch out for years, plans and devices will become extremely important and central to one's lifestyle.
  • Good advertising will be entertainment that people will look forward to. Ads will involve characters who are platonic ideals - perfect renditions of something they cannot have in reality. Mascots will be friends and provide education.
  • self actualization will be promised through purchases. purchase decisions will become increasingly fractal, with purchasing layers inside of purchasing layers, stores inside of stores.