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"Using video games as a means to get exercise" The Dangers of Exergaming. "Video games that are also a form of exercise" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exergaming.


..."an interesting development in the world of exergaming, as discussed in a recent publication in the New England Journal of Medicine is that of injuries sustained by vigorous exergaming. Most of us can remember the sore thumbs we used to get while playing Mario Bros on the original Nintendo console in the early 90’s. In fact, there was a clinical term adopted for the thumb injuries kids were sustaining on account of Nintendo – “Nintendinitis”. As the brief article suggests, “Wiiitis” is also becoming a common problem.

What’s more, due to the more dynamic nature of Nintendo Wii playing, more serious injuries can also be experienced. For example, one 14-yr old girl in the UK sustained a fracture in her foot as she fell off of the Wii balance board during game play, requiring the subsequent use of crutches.

In another example, a 55-yr old woman swung her Wii remote so vigorously that she ended up falling chest first into the corner of her couch, breaking a rib and puncturing a lung in the process. After surgery, she recovered – though likely will not be playing Wii Tennis with nearly as much vigor as before..." The Dangers of Exergaming by Peter Janiszewski, PhD - February 05, 2010.

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