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Interested in getting a Master's degree in Cyborg Anthropology at University of California Santa Cruz?

See the History of Consciousness Department at UC Santa Cruz.

The History of Consciousness doctoral program invites applicants for admission to its entering cohort of 2011-12. We invite applications from students seeking to pursue doctoral work in the following and related fields: critical theory; political economy and political theory; psychoanalysis; poetics; critical race, gender and sexuality studies; American, diasporic and ethnic studies; social movements and theories of social change; queer and feminist theory; literary and visual studies; French and Francophone theory; intellectual history; animal studies.

Recent faculty retirements make this a moment of major transition for the department, which is in the process of augmenting its core faculty by transfers of selected faculty from within UC Santa Cruz. Many faculty in other UCSC departments regularly work with our students, and will continue to be affiliated with the program. Given the current size of the core faculty, we anticipate enrolling a smaller than usual cohort.