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ALICE is an artificial linguistic entity activated at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, on November 23, 1995 by Dr. Richard S. Wallace.


"Alice’s story begins back in the early 90s at the University of Virginia. Randy Pausch, then an assistant professor in the Computer Science Department at UVa, started a user interface research group. The Alice system was built to support rapid prototyping of virtual environments. Simulation was performed on a Sun SPARCstation 5 which would send changes over the network to a pair of SGI Reality Engines (one for each eye). One could update the live environment by editing and invoking Python code eliminating compile, link, and reload time. With the cost of changes reduced from minutes to seconds, Alice allowed exploration of the interaction space".[1]

The Loebner Prize

The Loebner Prize in Artificial Intelligence, also referred to as the "First Turning Test", is a

Automated Testing Tools for Chatbot Development

Emotions for Chatbots

Purpose and Structure of Conversations

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