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In 1968 the University of Utah was a hotbed for pioneering technologies.

Ivan Sutherland, Alan Kay and Jim Case worked there. It was the 4th node of Arpanet, the first backbone of the Internet, and a n important connector between the East and West coasts of mainframe computing.

Computer graphics were pioneered there, and the tech that became Adobe and Atari was born there, as were silicon graphics and Pixar technology.

"One of my favorite professors at the University of Utah was Dr. James Case, who pioneered in the science of parallel computing, and envisioned machines like the Coates Cluster. He even developed programming techniques to take advantage of such systems. That was over 40 years ago in the late 1960s. Dr. Case died unexpectedly at a relatively young age in 1990, just when advances in neural network hardware development were beginning to take advantage of his well-developed processes and research into artificial intelligence. [1]


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