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What is Cyborg Anthropology? Cyborg Anthropology is a set of theories and methods for examining the relationship between humans and technology. It differs from digital anthropology because it takes the idea of the non-human as an actor in a system of actors and networks. Cyborg Anthropology was declared as a subsection of the Anthropology of Science at the Proceedings of the American Anthropological Association in 1993. Since then, the methodology has been used to examine subjects such as the Human Genome project, childbirth, cell phone technology and the overall effects technology has had on culture.

The purpose of this site is to both introduce the reader to the concept of Cyborg Anthropology"' and provide resources for studying and research. It is built to function and evolve as a digital education resource and library for researchers and students. Here you will find journal articles, books and papers, as well as course materials and discussion. The site is built on wiki software, which means it can be edited just like Wikipedia. In the same way that the field of Cyborg Anthropology is constantly evolving, this resource is constantly evolving too. If you'd like to contribute your research paper or resource, please feel free to contact the site owner. If you'd like to contribute on an ongoing basis, apply for an account.

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What is Cyborg Anthropology?

Humans are surrounded by built objects and networks. So profoundly are humans altering their biological and physical landscapes that some have openly suggested that the proper object of anthropological study should be cyborgs rather than humans, for, as Donna Haraway says, "we are all cyborgs now".

Cyborg Anthropology takes the view that most of modern human life is a product of both human and non-human objects.

How we interact with machines and technology in many ways defines who we are. Cyborg Anthropology is a framework for understanding the effects of objects and technology on humans and culture. This site is designed to be a resource for those tools.

Anthropology, the study of humans, has traditionally concentrated on discovering the process of evolution through which the human came to be (physical anthropology), or on understanding the beliefs, languages, and behaviors of past or present human groups (archaeology, linguistics, cultural anthropology).

This site currently has 984 articles for you to browse and read.

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A short talk introducing some of the concepts elaborated on in this site, including the second self, panic architecture and how technology is changing humanity.

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