Bruce Sterling's Keynote at the Interaction '11 Conference in Boulder, Colorado

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Bruce Sterling gave a keynote on the last day of the Interaction '11 Conference in Boulder, Colorado. He talked mostly about the field of interaction designers as a whole.

Speech Notes

"Those who ignore the future are doomed to live it" - sterling 

How does a social network establish cordial relations with another social network?

ACM-was founded in 1942-1943.   Institutional memory - power succession etc. That's been handled properly. 

(As Interaction Designers) "you're getting paid a lot because you're not leaving very much heritage".

"And then I have a thing called dead media - where I follow the terrible cost of your progress" 

"As futurists we're burning our own living room"

"If you have too much sympathy for your characters you're a crap novelist" 

"The problem is with you designers is that you're suffering way too much user Stockholm syndrome. You have way too much user centricity - you're letting them push you around"

"Morality is interactive over time" 

"And your children are not going to share your ideology over time"

Henry Dreyfus  Broadway designer but got past that.  He brought us ergonomics 

"People pay for iPhones with blood. But also tunafish with blood - and the tuna pay for it with their existence as a species"

"This guy is braver than the people around him - that's the distortion field"

"A chair is a set of actions, or a chair is a set of interactions" Or  "A chair is a set of frozen social interactions"

The chair is a tree branch abstracted from nature; 

"Look at a chair and see it as a set of interactions"

"Look at the time. Look harder at the time behind you. The things that will make you a better designer is a fanatic dedication to the craft and a no fear of failing - because that's what makes a great designer".

"Every touch point for the guest had been peeled back to it's 

Cranbrooke - "a work of pre-modern design totalitarianism"

"There is a moment waiting for all of us - when we will not get it" 

"And then out descendants who will be our judged who don't get it" 

"Science fiction writers deliberately shift the framing of things in their novels"

"It's better when intelligent who are freaked out because then you know you're really getting somewhere" 

If it's too easy it's a complacency artifact. Some piece tacked to a piece of information 

"We are all historical players in a vast human pageant that's existed since the beginning of time"

"A vast refutation of change is those movies which just go back to the status quo because it's a vast refutation of change". 

"About the best you can come up with is a morality in permanent beta"

"The real question is how do you treat the people who really just don't get it. Those that don't get it. There's always someone that's demonized in that system". 

"Boulder has a bunch of Forgiving lapsarian sleaziness to it"

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