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The balance between intellectual and technical pursuits and the connection to one's physical body is in flux. For many, long periods of sitting and working wreck havoc on the physical self. Body Optimization is a set of methods and guidelines for defending the physical body from decay. It is especially important to those who use their mental abilities more often than their physical abilities. In Greek history, a perfectly balanced person was one who had a balance between physical self and mental self.

Tantek Çelik, a software developer who runs a wiki on Body Optimization, points out that "at some point in everyone's life there comes a moment of realization that the container that you exist in will not last forever".[1] To mitigate this downward trend, Çelik offers the following techniques:

Environmental risk factor reduction

By avoiding sources of harm from your surrounding environment, you can decrease risk to your health.[2].

Intelligent Consumption

Simply by making small, scientifically-informed choices about dietary intake, many metrics can be improved.[3]

Physical Training

With minor improvements in physical training over time, it is possible to ramp up physical capabilities and thus make steady forward progress per active measurements.[4]


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