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A word in progress. Great thanks to Marsha Haverty for a great start on the list.

Giant master list

Some others not listed above:

Journal of Information Architecture

A peer-reviewed scholarly journal. Its aim is to facilitate the systematic development of the scientific body of knowledge in the field of information architecture.

The Journal's focus is information architecture research and development in all types of shared information environments, such as for example social networks, web sites, intranets, mobile and Rich Internet Applications, from various perspectives such as technical, cultural, social, and communicational.

The Journal is broadly multi- and interdisciplinary, publishing works focusing on IA and drawing on a broad range of disciplines. Its guiding principle is not to discriminate contradictory arguments and alternative approaches: Theoretical and methodological pluralism is welcomed and supported.

The Journal is published biannually in English. Acceptable contributions include original research articles, synthesizing literature surveys, best practice reports, and proposals for special issues. All contributions will be peer-reviewed according to appropriate criteria.


he human-built world can afford a sense of beauty, sublimity, and resonance, and through our advancements in technology can come advances in society. At the center of these advances are interactions - conversations, connections, collaborations, and relationships - within and across multiple disciplines, with and without technology. A key element of our vision is a recommitment to the original vision of interactions as described by John Rheinfrank, Bill Hefley, and Brad Myers: a focus on practice, and a publishing venue intended for practitioners. Additionally, we hope to extend this vision to include a rich diversity of content, and to increase the global relevance of the magazine. This magazine includes timely articles, stories, and content related to the interactions between experiences, people, and technology.

Information Visualization

Information Visualization is an international, peer-reviewed journal publishing articles on fundamental research and applications of information visualization. The journal acts as a dedicated forum for the theories, methodologies, techniques and evaluations of information visualization and its applications. The journal is a core vehicle for developing a generic research agenda for the field by identifying and developing the unique and significant aspects of information visualization. Emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary material and on the close connection between theory and practice. The scope of the journal includes, but is not limited to:

  • Design theories and methodologies
  • Applications and case studies
  • Perception and cognitive factors
  • Evaluation and usability studies
  • Interactive data exploration
  • Standards and visualization languages
  • Multidimensional and multivariate analysis
  • Knowledge discovery and visual data mining
  • Requirement engineering and task analysis
  • Visual Analytics