Space, Site, Intervention: Situating Installation Art

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Space, Site, Intervention: Situating Installation Art [Paperback] Erika Suderburg (Author), Editor,Erika Suderburg (Author)

Paperback: 352 pages Publisher: Univ Of Minnesota Press (February 11, 2000) Language: English

Introduction: On Installation and Site Specificity (Erika Suderburg) 1. The Functional Site; or, The Transformation of Site Specificity (James Meyer) 2. One Place After Another: Notes on Site Specificity (Miwon Kwon) 3. "Illiterate Monuments": The Ruin as Dialect or Broken Classic (Barbara Maria Stafford) 4. Fountains and Grottos: Installation and the Neobaroque (Sean Cubitt) 5. Garden Agon (Susan Stewart) 6. Written on the West: How the Land Gained Site (Erika Suderburg) 7. Hidden Economies in Los Angeles: An Emerging Latino Metropolis (Alessandra Moctezuma and Leda Ramos) 8. Landscape(s) of the Mind: Psychic Space and Narrative Specificity (Notes from a Work in Progress) (John Coleman) 9. Ordinary Gestures of Resistance (Ernest Larsen) 10. Internal Exiles: The Interventionist Public and Performance Art of Asco (C. Ondine Chavoya) 11. Scream IV (Laurence A. Rickels) 12. Displacements, Furnishings, Houses, and Museums: Six Motifs and Three terms of Connoisseurship (Kevin McMahon) 13. Public Art and the Spectacle of Money: An Assisted Commentary on Art Rebate/Arte Reembolso (John C. Welchman) 14. Video and Film Space (Chrissie Iles) 15. The Machine in the Museum; or, The Seventh Art in Search of Authorization (Bruce Jenkins) 16. "No Guarantees, They're Wolves": Structure, Movement, and the Dystopic in Diana Thater's _China_ (Colin Gardner) 17. The Space of Electronic Time: The Memory Machines of Jim Campbell (Marita Sturken) 18. The Anthropologist's Shadow: The Closet, the Warehouse, the Lesbian as Artifact (Catherine Lord) 19. Imaging Community: Video in the Installation Work of Pepon Osorio (Tiffany Ana Lopez) 20. The 1970s "Situation" and Recent Installation: Joseph Santarromana's Intersubjective Engagements (Amelia Jones)