Societies and Cities in the Age of Instant Access

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We are on the verge of what many are calling the "second information revolution," based on ubiquitous access to both computing and information. Handheld communication devices will become portable and even wearable remote control devices for both the social and physical worlds. At the same time, access to information will likely flourish, with an explosion in the volumes of data collected and distributed by these new devices—volumes of information about people delivered to more and more people, in new ways. The technologies of instant access have potential to transform dramatically our lives, cities, societies and economies much like the railroad, telephone, automobile and Internet changed our world in the previous ages.

This book contains chapters by leading international experts who discuss issues surrounding the impact of instant access on cities, daily lives, transportation, privacy, social and economic networks, community and education.

Content Level » Research

Keywords » GIS - Information - Internet - computer - geography - transportation - urban

Related subjects » Architecture - Database Management & Information Retrieval - Geography - Population Studies

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