Hyperlinked Memories

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Hyperlinked memories is a phrase used to describe the process of accessing data stored in an external device.

The strange thing about trying to find a youtube section of a vhs i watched when i was little is in finding a hyperlink to my memory. What is need is not that memory, but a hyperlink to a part of your memory. Sometimes memory gets filled with representation of other things and gets confused.

Technically, one's social klout can be raised in a group situation if one tells an awesome story. But now it is if someone has the best hyperlink to an externalized momory or externalized story. They play the story for their friends instead of telling it to them. They've externalized their memories and storytelling. Micheal Wesch. An anthropological introduction to YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPAO-lZ4_hU. It is a new way of socializing out externalized memories and new behaviors.

The idea of externalized memory on a device, external physicality through the extension of claws. I think most of our innovations have been to extend the physical self. Hammers, clothing, ect.

Vehicles transport the physical self, but now computers transport the mental self and store memories. One cannot store something in a hammer, unless one makes a pouch attached to it. Even then, what one can store in that pouch is still physical.

When the slow moving, non-compressed portions of life is shared, we lose attention. people learn to share the most interesting parts. and thus living someone else's life is living a positive representation of them.