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Object-relations arise precisely from the “constitutive incompleteness of the individual".

“The technical object understood according to its essence – the technical object such that it has been invented, conceived and desired, and taken up by a human subject – becomes the support and the symbol of that relation we want to call transindividual”.

If each product has a lifetime of a few years (and development time of longer) and we use a new computer every two years, we’re collectively part of those computers we threw away, because we co-produced with them. they are our interfaces, our spacesuits, and our hands. our skin we have shed for newer, shinier Cyborg skin.

Add up the years that we have spent evolving complex functionality and environmental adaption items internally and its number is in the millions. add up the time we’ve spent in externalizing functionalities and evolving abilities separately, letting demand, advertising and market conditions carve out a machine or external object’s ability to reproduce,

A vehicle itself is a prosthetic device, as a snail has a shell a car is a prosthetic that gives one superhuman speed. but we are used to these things - they are really quite incredible. to be superheroes in our own lives - to have the ability to choose our own external prosthesis, as a young graduate upgrades their external vehicle prosthetic as money is raised, and in doing so appears more attractive to the opposite gender. but if an interface or prosthetic device is not updated in relation to others, the prosthetic will turn against the wearer. Old clothing, when not trendy, makes one appear out-of-date. Mullets cause derision and amusement. There exists a finite amount of value that can exist, and once the value is replaced by the next prosthetic, woe be to they who do not upgrade, be it clothing or computers. in some countries, men with older cell phones are ashamed to be seen with them.

In Freud's Civilization and Its Discontents, his words suggest "a possible future in which the magnificence of humans as prosthetic gods is tempered by the ill-fitting and troublesome nature of their auxiliary organs (11). records are 4th dimensional. you're getting a chance to be here while still being in another place in another time.

Power commodity aesthetics. A person’s external device now allows them to move faster and better (if used correctly) compressing repetitive tasks into simpler things, freeing time (or complicating it).