Autisic tendencies and manifestation in the offspring of technologists

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Proposed Definition

"The idea that "cyborgsubjectivity and the transhumanistic condition of modern hyperdense postindustrial/digital environments is coevolutionarily correlated to the exponential growth of add, autism and aspbergers expressions in concentrated human populations. There is obviously a lot of underlying research and subtext in that theory - namely that we now exist strung out on multiple realities simultaneously, we find the mind body connection locked in probability calculations mode during synesthetic bodily DDOS and we are born naturally into bondage with a technological hierarchy we must decipher, integrate with, then ascend for survival, identity and self expression - but Im just curious off hand, would you concur?" - Amber Lundy


Currently uncertain how to conduct solid research that might show a legitimate correlation between technological density/permeation and add, autism, etc.


What I do know is that many engineers, silicon valley types, programmers, etc. have had an increased rate of children with these issues.

Autism and Computer Communication

Another thing is how computers are excellent communication devices for some with autism, and many with dyslexia and add are excellent at running and forming new and unique companies.

"From research it seams the real time heuristic cue processing that normally occurs in the background during person to person communication is more easily managed in what you might call technosocial technology for people with ASD ie texting, email, phones.

Where as in real life, real time communication people with ASD have trouble getting through the probability calculations phase when trying to decipher heuristic (individually emotionally based decision) cues in real time conversation because the rich informatics of materiality becomes too overwhelming to decipher through a kind of synesthetic overload or crossing of censorial stimuli ie. smelling a number, tasting a color or hearing someones frown. Couple that with the fact that people pick up heuristic cues from inanimate material (form, color, light) and its possible to see... the senses can become overstimulated and mixed up during emotional processing in real time real life situations where perception must decipher multiple incoming dense stimuli as apposed to a text, or a voice on the end of the phone. The kind of synesthetic DDOS I mentioned before. Its erm, hard to explain but interesting stuff". -Amber Lundy

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