1 Acknowledgements

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Ward Cunningham for building the wiki. The wiki format is what this book is written on. Aaron Parecki for providing the framework for programattically producing this book as well as making cutsom mediawiki extensions and themes.

Andrew Warner for providing theoretical support and academic focus, as well as providing text for many entries of the book.

I'd like to thank Maggie Nichols for illustrating the book, as she was able to take complex concepts and boil them down to simple concepts.

Sheldon Renan for pushing me to write the book.

Douglas Rushkoff for being a wonderful like-mind and giving me the confidence that I wasn't the only one out there thinking strange thoughts.

Kyle Drake for proofreading and actually reading the book before it was finished.

Also grateful for my thesis advisor Deborah Heath and for her assigning A Cyborg Handbook.

All of you who pre-ordered the book and were excited by the ideas in it.

And above all, thanks to my parents. To my mom for getting me the entire series of the Wizard of Oz books, which I devoured when I was little, and for my dad reading me the Evolution of Consciousness late at night before I was supposed to go to sleep.